Compact Laptop Stand

$39.99 USD

Extremely sturdy and compact laptop-stand.

This aluminum laptop-stand, made out of the highest quality materials, is exactly what you need in order to work on your laptop efficiently while maintaining perfect back posture. 

It has different settings both in the angle and height, you can adjust both the angle and heigh to your own liking. It's portable, durable and can hold up to 50kg! It's safe to say that this little tool will change your work-routine forever. 


Our elegant laptop-stand is  included with a handy little bag, where you can store away your lap-top stand. It's extremely easy to set it up and store it away.

Besides the health benefits it provides while working and the awesome feature which allows you to set up your own desired height and angle, it's an extremely neat and elegant laptop-stand to look at.


There are anti-slip pads built into our aluminum laptop stand, to make sure your laptop, no matter what seize or weight, remains in one position. Our aluminum lap-top stand is made out of high-quality materials which makes the laptop stand extremely durable, yet it's very light and easy to store away and it's portable!


You can maintain perfect back posture with our aluminum laptop-stand. It's easy to hunch over while working and hurt your back and posture in the long term. But with our awesome little gadget maintaining correct body posture while working on your laptop or just browsing the web is super easy. 

Materials: high quality Aluminum 
Included: Laptop-stand, a small bag and a box.

Shipping: 1-3 days for processing, 4-8 business days for delivery.