Adjustable Wooden Book/Laptop Stand

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Get ready to experience comfort at a whole new level with our mini adjustable wooden bookstand!

Whether you are looking to purchase a wooden bookstand convenient for use on your balcony, in your bedroom, sofa, or on the floor, our Mini Wooden Bookstand is the perfect choice for you. .

You can read your favorite book, watch your favorite series on your tablet or have a Zoom meeting on your laptop. Our Wooden bookstand is multifunctional and is easily stored away.

Our Wooden Bookstand is designed to keep your laptop and book at the appropriate height. Correct posture when reading or working on your laptop is crucial for spine health and prevents herniated disc which may occur on your neck. Thanks to this Wooden LapDesk, you get to maintain spine and neck health!



This convenient Mini Wooden LapDesk helps you save space with its unique foldable design that gets the tray to a compact size after use. This way, it becomes easy to store after use without taking much space. At the same time, it comes with curved edges to keep you out of harm's way and it has six adjustable angles to ensure visual convenience when in use. Achieve a comfortable viewing position by adjusting to the desired height.


Weight: 0.4 kg
Size: 28cm width x 20cm length

Shipping: 14-21 days.