$39.99 USD

The most beautiful ambient light ever designed!

This beautiful lamp, shaped as a book, lights up your whole room with a beautiful warm white light. It will set the tone for any room. 

It's made out of high-quality durable materials, but at the same time our book-lamp is very light. It's extremely easy to carry around, like to a park picknick, or to your garden. It has a very strong yet gentle warm white light, which immediately changes the mood of any area or room. 


Our elegant book-lamp is rechargeable, water-resistant, can be folded 360 degrees, and it comes in 2 sizes!

It also sticks to metal surfaces! You can get very creative with where you're going to place it.


Surprise yourself or your loved ones with this beautiful thoughtful gift.
It sets the mood at night, it's the perfect ambient light for a romantic dinner or a nice and cozy movie night. 


You can use the book-lamp in any room, at any time. Its elegant design makes it a sight to look at. You can use it in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, garden, balcony. 

Our book-lamps are rechargeable and they come with a usb recharger.
At fully charged the book-lamp lasts about 8 hours.
Available in two sizes. The sizes are displayed in inches.
Small: 6.5" x 5" x 1"
Big: 8.5" x6.7" x 1"

Shipping: 1-3 days for processing, 4-8 business days for delivery.