Wooden Lap Desk

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Get ready to experience comfort at a whole new level while you relax or work in a way that suits you!

With our WoodenLapDesk™ you can relax like never before or work in a setting that suits you without hurting your back or neck. It has a high-quality build that is generally comfortable and functional and will work awesomely for you.

Now you can watch your favorite Netflix series while enjoying your bowl of comfort food. Or you can read your favorite book in a way that you prefer or have a Zoom meeting without hurting your back and/or neck! The WoodenLapDesk™ is convertible, you can set it up any way you want.



It's extremely pleasurable to work using our WoodenLapDesk ™ as it creates extra height for better back posture.
The top panel can be lifted and it has four adjustable angles, so you can set it up at your desired angle and height.

With this extra feature you'll keep your back and neck straight because you don't need to bend over anymore to face the screen or read a book!

Our WoodenLapDesk ™ is extremely convertible, you can set it up any way you want and use it in your bed, on your balcony, on the floor, on your sofa or on your current desk as a standing desk. The legs can be extended to create even more height.

Our lap-desk is built from 100% premium eco-friendly wood, which is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.
With this sturdy wood, this specially constructed lap desk can withstand heavy loads.

A comfy movie night using our WoodenLapDesk ™ or having a Zoom meeting with your desired angle and height is truly a game-changer!

The WoodenLapDesk™ is convertible. You can adjust the height, and you can adjust the angles of the mini-desk, so you can set it up any way you want. There's even a small drawer included.

It's also foldable, you can use the
WoodenLapDesk™ wherever you want! Indoors or outdoors, it's up to you.

A lot of our customers say that once they have used our
WoodenLapDesk™, they just can't go back! It can be used for a lot of things, working, a bookstand, eating a nice meal, a gaming stand, drawing or painting, and much more.

This is what some of our customers say about the WoodenLapDesk™:

What makes the
WoodenLapDesk™ so convenient and comfortable to use is the ability to adjust the height and angles of the wooden top in order to match your personal preferences while you're working or doing something else you love.

Watching a movie in your bed, on an eye-to-eye level on our
WoodenLapDesk™ while eating your favorite food, or using the mini-desk on your couch while you're working or using the mini-desk in your backyard/balcony as a bookstand while having a nice cup of coffee is something you just have to experience!

Working or watching a movie on an eye-to-eye level means you don't have to bend your neck or back anymore in order to look at the screen. Now you can work or watch a movie without hurting your back or neck.




Width : 53cm / 21inch

Length : 32cm / 12.5 inches
17.5-25cm / 6.9-9.8inch
Weight: 2KG / 4.4LB

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We don't sell any Lap Desks without any cutout patterns anymore due to the airflow and the performance of the laptops! Please keep this in mind when buying your WoodenLapDesk

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